Single, Simple
Recruting Platform

Recruiting is complicated. TalentObjects makes it simpler by providing a single platform for entire talent acquisition journey. Utilaizing recrutment in one place we've manage to create an exclusive cloud recruitment system

UX and Design Principles



In today's world, recruitment is more than just an HR issue. Providing highly complexed platform with the need of keeping people data safe is serious business problem on base which has grown idea of TalentObjects.


The main goal was to create a universal tool for recruitment based on Salesforce platform.


Built a completely new, attractive application on very specific platform which has receive a very good recognition on US and UE market.


February 2015

TalentObjects Recruitment

The Process

Engage - Recruit - Hire - Onboard

Competing in a very restrictive app market was very challengeable. Key challenges for this product included flexible development, delivering project quickly to market on a tight deadline and budget and also to create a representative image of a modern app. As a visual designer I had a task to designed an engine with dynamic functionalities that in startup app are very customizable. Innovative UX aproach was very needed, especially when we received very good feedback from users and early adopters testing app.

TalentObjects Manager

When your hiring process is powered by design, candidates gets easily impressed by your company. Intuitive UX and impressive graphic design are one of those elements that serving as a strategic tech aspect for the project. Engaging and empowering users experience by good design may be one of those elements that may lead potential candidate to an offer.

TalentObjects Search
TalentObjects Onboard


Building an app on one of the largest online platform of this type required working in cross-team collaboration which provided up to 60% more features that the roadmap plan predicted.

Scope of the Project

Interaction System

Developing a UI engine that maintain ongoing relationship with the users and provide a new unique features in the area of HR.

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