Powerful and Scalable
Medical System

Pair modern technology, knowledge and design with the ease in searching important information there was created a cloud medical system named CMS

UX and Design Principles



CMS is internal system, more like an medical encyclopedia that helps finding and supporting employees with news, valid information about medicines. As company has grown up they decided to unify all the platforms into one.


I had a challenge to build simple, user-friendly and mobile web service for medicine client


With the help of the app, client employees manage to improve their remote work, eliminate some enterprise problems and gain an functional place to build up their knowledge.


May 2016

CMS Wireframes

The Process

Solution to Unlock Potential

Employees being limited to a couple of different web services with bunch of various medical information’s had an difficulty to work especially with medical drugs. Competing in the medical market, which has grown in this year rapidly, they started to need assistance. They look for creating the possibility to adjust the extension work of their employees with the inefficiencies of the usability and interfaces of their own web services. Serving as the digital and visual partner for this project I have decided to create modern, responsive system with easy-to-work, intuitive, pleasing platform which everyone has long been demanding.

CMS Detail Page
Great roll-out

A new platform has been delivered more than three months before final deadline. Thanks to Material Design System and the architectural planning I've manage to create quite great, visually attractive and functional platform. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the users contributed to deliver more features as they started to use it. CMS took their company into a whole new level with the ability to unify not only documentations but also people. Their business gained a new social life in the company thanks to the integration and functionalities that CMS inherit thanks to me and my work colleges.

CMS Document Page

The Platform

While developing a prototype I put myself in an individual approach to meet additional goals for the client.

Scope of the Project

Intuitive UX

Enable users to add documentations, events, browse or search information’s, view agendas and integrate all of that with their own mobile devices.

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