Pressure Heart

Cardiometr is a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool. A personal health assistant helps to monitor your live by tracking, analysing and keeping you remind of measurements.

UX and Design Principles



Cardiometr is a 5-year-old mobile app for people to instantly manage their tracking measurements. As the popularity has grown up the need for new features and better medical assistant emerged.


I took over this app and got all its functionalities to work in a new redesigned look.


Thanks to my redesigning idea, its quality improved, system looks a lot better and user experience got much exceptional.


February 2015

The Process

Redesign First

A big deal was to rethink how it should looks now. Redesign is daunting. There are a lot of unknowns that may tell you there will be failure. Despite of that fact I wanted to build something that will last long and be comfortable for users eyes and app owners. This meant not only a big bet for myself but also an opportunity to gain a new life to application and recognition on apps market.

Key Benefit

As we added more features product became more complex. Building this application I had to remember that it solves people problems so it required a well interface. Opportunity to save people problem with the time they spend searching for options or information’s were being key driving goal. We've tried to developed standards across a number of elements but still the amount of information’s that users could receive from app was enormous. However, facing that fact the design mostly lead to visually attractive representation of main elements rather that providing an data base of whole bunch of information’s.

Strategy & Planing

The project focused on upgrading the app based on the client's needs. Key aspects of this approach involved various steps that my person had to take to make an successful entrance.

Scope of the Project

Mobile Systems

Defining standards across application are foundational part of success. Offering the customers a superior translate application can provide increase in number of potential users

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